HR Strategy

HR Strategy


There has never been a more challenging time to be involved in the field of Human Resources. Learn about the current trends that are shaping Human Resources as they relate to HR Practices, Nationalization and the Future of Work, post Covid-19.


On March 11th, the World Health Organization declared the coronavirus a global pandemic and the world as we knew it completely changed. While many businesses shut down and non-essential workers began working from home, nearly all organizations had to rapidly rethink how and where we work. To embrace this new reality and maintain effective social distancing, organizations are switching to remote working models at a rate and scale never before experienced. As face-to-face interaction is replaced with digital collaboration, so too is conventional HR being replaced with Digital HR. As a result, companies are providing more manager resources to help keep their teams focused and connected, affording them easy access to the assistance and support they need. Companies are also drawing up contingency plans, as part of their Talent Management and Strategic Workforce Planning efforts, to allow for large-scale absenteeism and the possibility that workers with critical capabilities and skills may be absent regardless of historic attrition or absenteeism rates. Furthermore, organizations are also rethinking their whole approach to employee
healthcare and wellbeing. In this radically changed work setting, showing empathy, building trust and relating to staff have become key to organizational success. While current practices will continue to be a part of the HR function’s toolkit, a radical shift will take effect post-pandemic that will radically change the role and practices of the HR department and HR professionals in the foreseeable future.

This highly interactive training workshop provides a focused 2-day insight into the future of Human Resources as it intersects
with tremendous societal change to create the “New Normal” of Work. It is packed with case studies and critical insights and is
delivered by a world-class trainer


Understand the critical advantages of accelerated Digital HR transformation

Formulate an HR Strategy that works for your future needs

Adapt your Talent Management and Strategic Workforce Planning to

counter potential workforce disruptions

Develop contingency plans to deal with the New HR Normal

Prepare for your new role as a post-pandemic HR professional


HR Consultants, Managers, Specialists, Professionals and Administrators seeking to improve HR systems capabilities, understand the technologies available to them as Digital HR enablers, and appreciate their roles in the New Normal of work.


A balanced approach between PowerPoint presentation, facilitated discussion, case studies and action-learning, individual exercises and group-based activities will ensure the direct transfer of skills, information and relevant practical experience as well as show you how to fundamentally rethink and redesign your approach to HR Strategy, post Covid-19, and your role as an HR professional.

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