“Mostafa is a great professional and has taken the PWA forward greatly in its efforts to upgrade the leadership development. He stands as a great example for others and has a great leadership style. He brings a quality and aplomb to the events he makes happen which has been very visible to everyone here, but especially with respect to the leadership development aspects of his work.

His genuine passion to make things happen has brought new vigor to some important areas that have been long held back. Knowledge Management is a great example where Mostafa took the bull by the horns and lifted the organization, under his leadership he coordinated a high power group of senior management and strategic partners that was able to bring the resources of strategic partners to the benefit of the organisation in its goals to build a center of excellence in knowledge management.

More than just his experience and expertise in HR, Mostafa brought to the PWA a real passion, people orientation and strong leadership skills. I personally valued his contributions to organisational strategy and wish him all the best and every success in achieving his aspirations.”