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Time Management


3-Day Online Instructor-led Training Course


Harness HR Technology and leverage Digital HR to strengthen your workforce resilience, improve your business agility and secure your talent competitiveness.



When digital transformation is done right, it’s like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly, but when done wrong, all you have is a really fast caterpillar! – George Westerman.

There has never been a more urgent need for organizations to convert to digital than now. As a result of the ongoing outbreak, a company’s ability to embrace and accelerate digital transformation will ultimately determine its success or premature demise. 66% of business leaders state that if they do not digitalize more in 2021, they will no longer be competitive. The “new normal” is already here and, to remain mission-critical to the business, HR must undergo its own transformation to succeed in this increasingly complex digital context.

The theory is simple: Go Digital or Go Home!

This highly interactive online HR Digital Transformation workshop explores the trending and disruptive technologies driving HRM 4.0 and the culture, mindset and strategy needed to digitalize your HR function and create user-friendly experiences for your team, customers and stakeholders in this “New Normal” of work. It is packed with critical insights into the digitalization of work, the workforce, and the workplace and is delivered by world-class trainer, Mostafa Azzam; recently featured one of the “Top 50 Global HR Tech Influencers to Follow in 2021,” one of the “Top 50 Global HR Analytics Influencers for 2019,” and one of the “Top 100 Most Talented Global L&D Leaders in 2018”.


By the end of this intensive 3-day learning journey, you should be able to:

Understand the major technological trends that are disrupting Human Resources

Select HR Tech solutions that streamline the workflow within your organization

Build a business case for HR Tech deployment

Outline the elements of a healthy digital culture

Glean insight into the organizational and HR mindsets driving HRM 4.0

Develop a strategy to digitalize and e-enable the HR function in your organisation

Integrate your digital HR systems and become a true talent management function


HR Directors and Talent Managers from organizations with limited automation and a need to implement digital systems or expand their use of existing ones

HR Generalists and Professionals who need to update their HR Technology competencies in light of their current or future planned positions

HR Administrators with a need to enhance systems capabilities to improve their ongoing job performance

Business Owners, Executives and Managers with a need to understand the technologies available to the HR professional


A balanced approach between PowerPoint presentation, facilitated discussion, case studies and action-learning, individual exercises and group-based activities will ensure the direct transfer of skills, information and relevant practical experience and will show you how to adopt an integrated platform approach in the development and deployment of a Digital HR framework that embraces true digitalization of HR.





Human Resources, Technology and the Changing Role of HR

Learn how AI, machine learning, cognitive processing, embedded analytics, natural language processing, predictive algorithms, blockchain and mobile technology are changing the way HR and people programs work

▶  What is Technology?

▶  Human Resources and Technology

  Developing an HR Tech Strategy

▶  Disruptive Technology Trends

▶  Riding the Technology Wave

▶  Technology and Opportunity

▶  The Changing Roles and Responsibilities of HR

▶  Technology Implementation in Global Organizations

Review Questions


HR Digital Transformation and Disruption

Learn how HR Digital disruption is accelerating the transformation of HR activities, functions and models to leverage the opportunities of digital technologies

The 3 Ds of Transformation

▶  Why HR Digital Transformation?

▶  HR Digital Transformation Challenges

▶  HR Digital Transformation Trends

▶  Digital Transformation Impacts and Disruptive Changes

Review Questions


Developing a Digital Culture

Learn how HR supports the digital transformation of the business by creating a thriving culture where dynamic teams can collaborate easily and have access to the information they need to remain agile

  You do not change the culture by changing the culture!

  Workforce demographics are changing

  Embracing workplace flexibility – work is an activity, not a destination

  Hierarchical teams are out!

▶  Prioritizing digital transformation

  Creating a digital workplace

Review Questions


Case Study (Day 1)

Digital Transformation Journey of Alpha Corp. Malaysia and implications of business digitalization on HR





Building a Digital HR Strategy

Learn how Digital HR ensures business relevancy and enables continuous innovation

  Why HR Digital Transformations Fail … and Fail Again!!

  Asking the Relevant Questions

  Building a Business Case for Digital Transformation

  Developing Digital HR capabilities

  Defining a Digital HR strategy for Your Organization

  Defining Your Goals and Metrics

  Managing Digital Transformation and Change

Review Questions


The Future of Work Cognitive Technologies and Social Networking

Learn how cultural orientation towards cognitive intelligence in organizations has resulted in negative as well as positive implications

  Cloud-enabled Work Infrastructure – The Effects of COVID-19

  People Analytics, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Intelligent Automation (IA)

  Organizational Network Analysis (ONA) – See Beyond the Obvious!

  Transforming the Employee Experience (EX)

  Enterprise 2.0: The Social Enterprise

  Social Networks: Privacy Concerns and Legal Considerations

Review Questions


The Digital Talent Management Organization

Learn how global organisations are leveraging digital Talent Management solutions and Design Thinking to push the boundaries and redefine the future of work


  There’s No Way around the Cloud!

  Talent Data, Metrics & Analytics

  Talent Management Systems

  Workflow Management and KPIs

  Personas, Mapping and Design Thinking

  HR Technology Disruptions Currently Transforming the Talent Management Spectrum

Review Questions


Case Study (Day 2)

Beyond advertising vacancies: Social Networking at Jebel Ali Industries




Human Resource Information Systems and HR Portals

Learn how to use HR systems and portals to maximize effectiveness, flexibility, scalability and accessibility

Selecting, upgrading and implementing an HRMS

  Selecting an HRMS vendor

  Calculating the costs connected with an HRMS

  Identifying privacy and security issues

Maintaining an HRMS

  HR Portal Design

  Self-Service Portals

Review Questions


Technology-based Learning – From Elearning to Digital Learning

Learn how to utilize a wide variety of technologies to support organizational, team and individual learning as well as how to assess your needs and select and evaluate technologies and vendors

▶  The changing dynamics of workplace learning

▶  Learning Management Systems (LMS) and Learning Content Management Systems (LCMS)

▶  Simulations and virtual worlds

▶  HR and the basics of training design

▶  Selecting and evaluating technologies and vendors

▶  Managing and evaluating technology-based learning projects

Review Questions


Technology-based Recruitment

Learn the pros and cons of applying an e-Recruitment model and adopting an appropriate technology. Explore the paradigm shift associated with social media and cloud technology

  The pros and cons of e-recruitment

  Social Media as a recruitment medium: The key benefits

  e-Recruitment technologies: SaaS, Cloud Computing and the new paradigm shift

  Large scale e-recruitment systems: Planning is key

Review Questions


Technology-based Performance Management

Learn why, when and how to implement e-Performance Management technology and how to avoid the pitfalls

  Evaluation Methods and Tools

  Evaluation Data and Analytics

  Evaluation Dashboards and Reports

  Performance Appraisal and Management

  Feedback Collection Methods

Review Questions


Case Study (Day 3)

HRMS Selection at Parkwood University, Colorado


Capstone Project

The capstone project will let you put your new knowledge and skills into practice. The project covers a wide range of topics included in the course, such as strategy development, stakeholder mapping, flowchart design, business process reengineering, EX mapping and implementation planning.



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