HR Digital Transformation

HR Digital Transformation


Harness HR Technology and leverage Digital HR to strengthen your workforce resilience, improve your business agility and secure your talent competitiveness.



“When digital transformation is done right, it’s like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly, but when done wrong, all you have is a really fast caterpillar!” – George Westerman.

There has never been a more urgent need for organizations to convert to digital than now. As a result of the current outbreak, a company’s ability to embrace and accelerate digital transformation will ultimately determine its success or premature demise. 66% of business leaders state that if they do not digitalize more, this year, they will no longer be competitive. The theory is simple: Go Digital or Go Home!

A digitally-enabled work organization brings with it profound HR transformation including innovative job design, new digital competencies, remote work, transformed work relationships, new functional units, new positions and new management processes that pay special attention to work agility, uncertainty, resistance to change, and decentralized and real-time decision-making powered by big-data analytics.

This highly interactive workshop provides a timely and up-to-date overview of the key issues and challenges of HRM 4.0. From attraction, recruitment, and selection to engagement, development, and retention; learn about HR digital transformation strategies; technologies and trends; agile working and well-being; temporal and spatial workplace flexibility; redefined HR practices; digital learning; people analytics; and the emerging challenges of digital leadership.

This workshop is packed with case studies and critical insights and is delivered by world-class consultant and trainer, Mostafa Azzam, recognized as one of the “Top 50 Global HR Tech Influencers to Follow in 2022!”


By the end of this intensive 3-day learning journey, you should be able to:

  • Understand the major technological trends that are disrupting Human Resources
  • Select HR Tech solutions that streamline the workflow within your organization
  • Build a business case for HR Tech deployment
  • Gain insight into the organizational and HR mindsets driving HRM 4.0
  • Outline the elements of a healthy digital culture
  • Develop a strategy to digitalize and e-enable the HR function in your organization
  • Apply a competency-based digital resilience framework to support agile working practices and well-being
  • Integrate your digital HR systems and become a true talent management function


  • HR Directors and Talent Managers from organizations with limited automation and a need to implement digital systems or expand their use of existing ones
  • HR Generalists and Professionals who need to update their HR Technology competencies in light of their current or future planned positions
  • HR Administrators with a need to enhance systems capabilities to improve their ongoing job performance
  • Business Owners, Executives and Managers with a need to understand the technologies available to the HR professional


A balanced approach between PowerPoint presentation, facilitated discussion, case studies and action-learning, individual exercises and group-based activities will ensure the direct transfer of skills, information and relevant practical experience and will show you how to adopt an integrated platform approach in the development and deployment of a Digital HR framework that embraces true digitalization of HR.


Mostafa Azzam

Digital HR & People Analytics Leader

Executive Director, the HR talent®

SHRM Facilitator & Consultant

HCI Senior Instructor & Faculty

Franklin Covey© Authorized Facilitator

Informa Connect Facilitator & Associate Consultant

Adjunct Faculty, American University in Cairo (AUC)

Award-Winning Speaker & Writer

“Top 50 Global HR Tech Influencers to Follow in 2021”


Mostafa Azzam is Founder and Executive Director of the HR talent®, with offices in both Canada and the Middle East. He boasts an impressive track record of over 28 years leading HR and L&D functions, globally. He is an HRM Consultant and an internationally acclaimed Master Facilitator, Keynote Speaker and Conference Chair. He is an authorized SHRM Facilitator and Consultant, an HCI Faculty Member and Senior Instructor, and a Franklin Covey© Approved Facilitator. Mostafa is also an Adjunct Faculty Member and Lecturer at the AUC, as well as a seasoned Leadership Coach, Psychometric Profiler and a prolific HR Writer.

Mostafa is widely recognised as a thought leader and globally respected authority on HR Analytics, Digital HR, Talent Management and Strategic HR. He helps HR practitioners and organizations realize their full potential through leveraging Data-driven HR and Analytics to drive and sustain improved business performance and outcomes. He has unique expertise setting up and managing leadership development programs for major industry players undergoing seismic organisational transformation shifts. Throughout his career, Mostafa’s unique skillset has helped maintain organisational capability and capacity at world-class standards for major industry-leading organizations such as British Petroleum (BP), Kuwait Oil Company (KOC), Saudi Chevron (SAC), Aramco, Maërsk (A.P. Møller), American University in Cairo (AUC) and the British Council.

Mostafa is recognized as one of the “Top 50 Global HR Tech Influencers to Follow in 2021” and one of the “Top Global HR Analytics Influencers for 2019.” He was also recognized one of the “100 Most Talented Global L&D Leaders in 2018,” where he was awarded the global “Learning & Development Leadership Award” and the “HR Best Practice Award” for his contributions to the fields of HR and L&D.

Mostafa was educated in the UK and holds a BSc. in Engineering and an MA in TEFL. He is bilingual and is natively fluent in both English and Arabic. He brings to his events a genuine passion and provocative insight that is truly remarkable and refreshingly invigorating!



“Mostafa is one of the finest L&D professionals I have known. He is a champion facilitator & a prolific speaker. I can safely say he is one of the finest speakers in the region.”

Head of Training & Development – QatarGas, Qatar

“Learning from Mostafa is an awesome experience. His approach is intellectually challenging and engaging. He uses his achievements & experiences to bring out the best in his participants. As an L&D professional, I wish I could be like him.”

Head of Learning, Development & Employee Engagement – FPH Corp. and First Gen Corp., Philippines

“Mostafa is one of the best HR experts in the world!”

Executive Chairman & CEO –Stantec (MWH), USA


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