HR Digital Transformation

This highly interactive online workshop spans the Talent Management continuum to provide you with the key understanding and knowledge you need to exploit new and disruptive technologies to digitalize your HR function and create highly efficient and user-friendly experiences for... Read More

Managing Employee Engagement through HR Innovation, Digitalization, People Analytics and ROI

In this course, we have brought together 4 seemingly different, yet related, HRM trends (Innovation, Digitalization, ROI and Analytics), added a strong case study focus, an Employee Engagement storyline and glued it all together against a backdrop of the PISA... Read More

e-HRM | e-Enable Your Recruitment, Learning & Performance Strategies

This highly interactive 3-day training workshop will provide you with key understanding of how you can use new technologies to digitize your HR and talent management function, creating highly user-friendly experiences for your staff, whist at the same time, creating... Read More

SHRM Certificate in HR Metrics & Workforce Analytics

Align Human Capital Analytics with business and HR strategies, and leverage the data you have to build Workforce and HR metrics that will improve results. In this course, you will learn how to drive organisational change around human capital activities by... Read More

People Analytics

This 4-day workshop will provide you with a framework to develop, build and implement People Metrics and Analytics in your organization. It will create a continuum of progress from the tactical to the strategic side of People Analytics and provide... Read More

Human Capital Metrics & Analytics | Building HR Credibility through Data

This highly interactive 3-day workshop provides a framework for HR professionals to develop, build and implement human capital metrics in their organizations. This framework is based around the SHRM Workforce Analytics Model which outlines a four-phased process to assist HR... Read More

SHRM Masters Certificate in HR Management

This course incorporates two essential HR functions: Strategic Workforce Planning (SWP) and Human Resource Development (HRD). The SWP module outlines a comprehensive, step-by-step approach to designing, implementing, administering, and maintaining an effective strategic workforce plan. And, the HRD module outlines a... Read More

SHRM Certificate in Employee Training & Development

Assess organizational needs and align the L&D function to the organizational goals. Implement effective formal and informal employee development approaches. Structure components of career and leadership development and adult learning theory into your L&D objectives, and align your learning needs... Read More

SHRM Certificate in Total Rewards & Remuneration (Compensation & Benefits)

This learning module examines compensation (e.g., base and variable pay, benefits) and non-compensation elements (e.g., job satisfaction, growth opportunities and relationships with other people) that comprise an organization’s total rewards system.... Read More

Learning & Development Management | Facilitating Workplace Learning

From Analysis to Design, Development, Implementation and Evaluation of training; this highly interactive workshop provides the practical tools and approaches you need to develop a solid working relationship with your team, customers and stakeholders in the New Normal of work.... Read More
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